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Cumulus bits 'n' pieces

Dedicated and some stand-alone software for weather related sites.

Generally complete solutions, so examples are on separate pages, and full explanations / discussion are give in the forum links provided.

Yet Another Dayfile Reader (PHP)

Sunshine bar chart can now show theoretical available hours, and graph 'max' is settable.

>Large< . . . . . . >750 px wide< . . . . . . >700 px wide< with buttons ...>700 px wide< with dropdown

It can be used as a stand-alone or dropped into a suitable site template.
It can 'read' saratogaWX templates for language and $SITE Units Of Measure decisions.
It can 'read' Weather By You templates for language decisions.

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Alternative Monthly Extremes using <#webtag>s (Cu 1.9.4 and mx)

Demo Page

You can set the 'default' view.
You can give the visitor the option of views (or not).

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Cumulus Monthly log files to MeteoBridge 'Import' format (Cu 1.9.4 and mx)

Converter Page

Utility to convert Cu eg. Aug16log.txt file into MeteoBridge 'import' standard

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Highcharts plot modifier

This script allows you to completely remove or change the default visibility of plots created by cumuluscharts.js.

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Another beteljuice plaything