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This is NOT a 'real' web site, rather a testing / proving ground for the ramblings of the beteljuice. As time goes by it may, or may not contain genuine coding examples and / or complete source downloads.

* After a menu item means there's something in there

Nothing is what it seems, rather like the graceful swan there is always something going on under the water.

The 'site' for example uses PHP to inject a single menu file file together with some basic security checks. The menu itself is css driven etc. etc. the beteljuice started coding in the bad ole' days of IE3 and Netscape and has been fighting M$ ever since !
Once I had a weather station (no more) I became inspired by the coding of Ken True and Tom @ Carterlake templates, and although the kit / software I was using was not compitable with their work, I adapted the code and philosophy and created my own webpage 'vision'.

This page for example is using javascript ajax to call PHP to get the remote weather data of Komoka ON. Canada, just to make the old barograph below work. (via javascript, HTML5 and CSS3 - used to use a complicated script library - times change)


If you think of the 'weight' of air above your head that is Absolute Pressure which is what a barometer actually understands, but the air above you at sea-level is much more than if you were on a mountain top !
All meteorological equipment is calibrated at sea-level (It was all part of the Navy to start with !) This is called Pressure Relative.

beteljuices 'fun' - 'In the parish' virtual barograph. It works ! - trend: /hr
Currently ??? on local (??s since last update)
- my data 'donor' Paul is in Ontario

Another (large) graphical example can be found here.

When you know all about JavaScript and AJAX, you could for example create your own 'variable' in the script to update your webcam snapshots instead of using page refreshes or IFrames ;-)

Another beteljuice plaything