'Intelligent' Options Picker - Pure JavaScript

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'Intelligent' cross-browser options picker.

What should happen is that as you type, every available option that contains the sequence of characters in any position is shown in alphabetical order, case-insensitive.

Second <click> clears input / hides options (RESET)

The 'drop-down' should be limited to 20 entries before becoming scrollable.

The 'guts' of the code is a js 'class' the beteljuice has created so it is possible to run as many different option lists as required.

The options 'drop-down' could be anywhere on the page ! - (css formatted), but are in the usual place for clarity and uniformity.

Take #1 - An example using array of 'key' / 'value' pairs

Try a fruit

Take #2 - An example using simple array of 'values' only

Enter TimeZone

Take #3 - No guesswork ! (show all options on initial 'click')

Fruit Again
<CLICK> or Top Right 'Cog' symbol to download zip with all instructions ...

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