%weather pic%
%speed% t°C
Now / Soon o

Cumulus - AJAX mashed by beteljuice

Trying to make the most of Cumulus without server side coding - Proof Of Concept:

Some (more) Graphics and Presentation Ideas:

---- Max ---- Min stick thermometer

%b_t_2CF% Current temperature
Feels like:

wind !
%cbh% Min. possible Cloud Base Height Above Ground Level
Min. possible Cloud Base Height Above Ground Level
today  60m ?
Rainfall Rainfall
2.5 mm/hr
^ the above background gradient is directly related to temperature displayed
< Example using multiple script variables
to create a single 'user' variable which hopefully is in plain English !
Current temperature / Feels Like
< Top is current

< Bottom is "Feels Like"

Forecast: ?

This page is constructed using ONLY Javascript and DHTML / CSS - NO PHP, cgi, etc. etc.
ALL data is sourced / calculated from Cumulus realtime.txt - NO external data or weather graphics are imported.

You don't have to have either one huge graphic with everything in, nor be limited to tiny icons. Be adventurous, Not everyone is a 'Weather Freak' and understands lots of figures / graphs on a page. Spread the info around, target your audience, liven up your pages ! (Techniques used on this page can be employed by anyone who has a means of getting at their data)

Some Kind of Content

But I want HUGE GRAPHICS That fill the screen !
Oh Dear - see below

But I want Multiple Pages with lots of other stuff on !
See below

This is NOT meant to be a Template, or even a Cumulus type template (although it could be) nor is it intended to include any of the many resources available from the web (radar pic, national weather alerts, etc.) It is simply a display platform for this Cumulus AJAX Script

Either hang on to the page for a while and / or come back from time to time, see not only how the data updates, but the way weather conditions are graphically interpreted (especially the composite picture in the top right corner)

Very basically speaking all figures, text, and graphics, that rely on the changing data are given unique names. You simply put the 'variable' name in your html where you want the result, et volia'
OK, it's a little bit more awkward than that, but you get the idea.

There are a lot of 'pre-defined' values available, plus the 'extras' you see on this page so that you can work out how to do your own. (I am not going to design your site for you !). There is also a directory of graphics and icons to get you started - make your own !

Some knowledge of Javascript, DHTML / CSS would very definately be an advantage !

Cumulus users should upload their realtime.txt to their webspace at regular intervals, there is no need to keep formating / uploading these pages. (under normal circumstances !)

AJAX accreditations

Reworked code of Ken Trues excellent Weather Display Ajax Script, and 'ported' into a reworked WD template by Tom at Carter lake (Multi-page templates are available) (NB. variables and script are NOT compatible !)

Originals available from Kens site Saratoga Weather (Weather Display, Virtual Weather Station and somewhere Weather Link) There are also different layout examples and all sorts of goodies to investigate. (Say "Thank You Ken" !)

This example looks every 10s, for my (LaCrosse 2300) data (realtime.txt) which is updated every 5s. Any changes are then dynamically modified in the page.

Mashed by beteljuice ... and finally. The beteljuice is absurdly happy because this is the only thing that I have coded that completely passes XHTML validation !