Beteljuice test page
Slightly Modified Wim DKuil (Leuven) Script for PurpleAir sensors (Using local data file) or (Using
Donor data from 'Sperber'

Relative Sizes
Particulate Matter
Air Quality
Latest measurement from:  (t 0° / RH 0%)  Sensor: Purpleair #60443

 Index style
Period Particle Conc. Index UK Classification           
now µm10 µg/m3 0 Good          
now µm2.5 µg/m3 0 Good          
now µm1 µg/m3 0 Good          

24h avg. µm10 µg/m3 0 Good          
24h avg. µm2.5 µg/m3 0 Good > 1 <2345678910
24h avg. µm1 µg/m3 0 Good          

0 'widget' using current 2.5pm value and country index
You can set timezone
You can set particle size(s)
You can set 'period(s)'
You can set country classification (values and description) ('BE', 'eea', 'IE', 'NL', 'UK', 'US')
You can show (or not) classification 'key table'
Currently 4 langs ('DE', 'EN', 'FR', 'NL')

Another beteljuice plaything